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Related article: Date: Tue, 05 Sep 2000 22:33:42 -0400
From: gayinmi1973yahoo.com
Subject: Exploring My Homosexuality #1I guess I'll start with my first time. Let me state First that I was
VERY WILLING to do this and was in NO WAY done against my will. OK I was
13 and in The Boy Scouts Of America. I was never a popular as a kid and
always got along better with the older people 18+ and the younger kids 10
and under. So when it came time to go to summer camp I was very scared
that I would get with someone that did not like me. But I soon picked out
an adult leader and got him to let me stay in his tent. At this time it
was still legal to do this. I have know idea why I picked him I guess it
was my gaydar. You see I knew even then that I was gay.It started out the first night we were there. We had gone to our tent for
the night; we had decided to play cards for a bit. We had general talk,
skirting the subject by asking if he had girl friend and vice versa. I
asked him if he had ever played strip poker, He said not in a few years.
I said I have never had the chance. Well we will just have to play some
time this week. I said why not tonight?He said well I'm starting to get a little tired. But he said well start
and see what happens. Kewl I said so we played for a bit each losing if I
remember shoes socks and shirt. He then said we should get to bed we go
to get up early, But had an idea how to finish quickly. I said OK.So we cut the deck to see who would get naked first, I Lost. So I got UN
dressed he said that I had a nice well you know. I said thank you and
started to put on something for sleeping he said you sleep in stuff at
night I just sleep models boys 14 lolita in the nude you should too. So I did we turned out the
lights and started to talk about sex and stuff, he said that if you don't
have a woman around that u could make do with what is here. So I asked
what do you have in mind. He said we would cut the cards again to see who
goes first. I cut first I got a Queen he I did not tell him this. He drew
he said I have a 3 and showed me the card I said I have a 2 but of course
I did not show him the card.He had me come over to the bed and sit he had the most wonderful dick I
started to play with and he did the same with me. HE asked if we young lolita naked sex
try something else I said yes. He had me lie on my stomach he they put
between my ass checks and Fucked me that way he did not enter at this
time but it still did not take long for him to cum, it was the best thing
I have ever felt.Till this day it is still the thing I like the most, to have someone cum
all over the out side of my ass. Time for you to do the same he said so
we switched places, I tried to do the same he did but being my first time
did not go the best. He said Ok we can take care of this other way he
started to suck me off, and let me tell you it felt so good. I soon felt
something very weird,(I Have Never had an orgasm Till Time) I thought I had to pee and tried
to hold it did not want him to stop it was so good but at last I let go.
He was very impressed that I shot as I did. We had a few sessions that
week. That was in 86. For NO related reason I left the troop models boys 14 lolita a year
later. Then in 92 I had a high school Class that was in the hospital that
he had a temp job in.We talk a few times he said that now that I'm 18 I should join the Scouts
as a leader. I said that would be kewl and said let's get together lolita top 100 pedo
talk about it. He gave me his address and we meet. But that is the next
story.Please let me know what ya think. Email at: gayinmi1973yahoo.com
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